Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Importance of Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

The Importance of Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks

It is commonly known that back links to your blog lead to 80% of your blog's search engine ranking. If your web site does not have backlinks it will not rank effectively in search engines. Also, failing to have quality back links will mean that these search engines will rarely crawl your web page. Generally, search engines land on your internet site because of back links that point to it. This is called website page crawling, and search engines do it billions of times a day. Getting these search engines to land on your page is crucial for your rankings.

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The two kinds of back links that exist are do-follow and no-follow. These two backlinks are very different and you need to realize why they are different, if you want a higher ranking in Google. Do-follow hyperlinks are what Google and other search engines follow to your web page. Do-follow links are considerably more important than no-follow hyperlinks, and effect your rankings a lot more. No-follow links are not followed by search engines, and will not end with them landing on your website page. Nonetheless, this type of website link is still considered when identifying your position. Therefor, it is important to have each kinds of back links pointing to your web site.

Having a variety between do-follow and no-follow links is important. Getting a website link composition of only do-follow backlinks tends to look suspicious to Google and other search engines. Nonetheless, having only no-follow back links will not get your page rated. You need to find the sweet spot between these two kinds of back links. I advocate a 3:1 ratio of do-follow to no-follow. Having this type of composition will guarantee that Google and other search engines rank your site well.

Article written by: Marcus Durham